YWP 4 Journey of a new writer with Sarah Dixon May 2017

June 4, 2017

'So', I hear you ask, 'what does a journey like this involve?'- Well amongst other things perfectionism, writer's block, visual and other creativity styles, dream writing, practical plotting,  surprise endings, knowing your characters, character ages, stepwise world building, becoming a squillionaire, covers, sci-fi references, book boxes landing in the living room, agents, publishing and self-publishing, comic conventions, heroes, intimidating moments, creativity in the classroom, physical vs e-books, learning from your peers, the first question a writer should ask themselves, school visits and book launches, Dr Who pipe dreams (who says though!), first reviews, social media, Hollywood twitter followers, book signings, buying a book from the author and beta readers. Well, that’s a few of them anyway. You'll just have to take a listen. DC